Land to the west of Sycamore Lane, Leeming

Full Planning Application for the Construction of 23 Dwellings including 11 Affordable Units

Public Consultation



Saddington Taylor is preparing a full planning application on behalf of Mulberry Homes Yorkshire for the construction of 23 dwellings on land to the west of Sycamore Lane, Leeming. The development would include 17 affordable homes, to be delivered in partnership with Broadacres Housing Association.

Comments should be provided no later than Tuesday 22nd November 2022. Respondents are welcome to comment on all aspects of the proposed development, including the principle of development and any matters relating to its design such as appearance, layout, scale, and landscaping.





Key aspects of the proposals are:

  • 23 dwellings in total.
  • 17 affordable* units in partnership with Broadacres.
  • Mixture of 1, 2, 3 & 4-bedroom dwellings.
  • Bungalows at plots 13 & 14.
  • Apartments at plots 17 & 18.
  • Other plots a mixture of detached and semi-detached houses.
  • Access via Sycamore Lane, opposite the junction with St. John’s Road.
  • All dwellings to have off-street parking.
  • All dwellings to have private gardens.
  • Tree-lined streets.
  • Areas of public open space adjacent to site access.
  • Surface water attenuation tanks to ensure that the development does not increase flood risk elsewhere.


* National Planning Policy Framework definition of Affordable Housing:

‘Affordable housing: housing for sale or rent, for those whose needs are not met by the market (including housing that provides a subsidised route to home ownership and/or is for essential local workers); and which complies with one or more of the following definitions:

a) Affordable housing for rent…
b) Starter homes…
c) Discounted market sales housing…
d) Other affordable routes to home ownership…’


Proposed Site Layout


Street Scenes


Looking south towards Plots 1-7 & 19-23



Looking east towards Plots 8-12



Looking west towards Plots 15-18



Looking north towards Plots 8, 13, 14, 15, 17 & 18



Getting in Touch


We would welcome your comments on the draft development proposals not later than Tuesday 22nd November 2022. You can contact us by:

Sending an email to:

Writing to us at:

Saddington Taylor,
Ashburn House,
84 Grange Road,

The application will seek full planning permission for the development. Respondents are therefore welcome to comment on the principle of development and any matters relating to its design including its appearance, layout, scale, and landscaping.

What Happens Next?


Comments will be reviewed in conjunction with the design team and a ‘Consultation Statement’ will be submitted alongside the planning application. The Consultation Statement will summarise the comments received and provide details of any design changes made in response to public consultation. It will also aim to address residents’ queries where possible. Following the receipt of a planning application, Hambleton District Council will carry out its own consultation exercise.


Data Protection


By responding to this consultation you agree that we can use your comments in the preparation and submission of a planning application. Unfortunately, we cannot accept anonymous comments but we will not publish your personal details or disclose them to any third party.