The Ashes Farm, Barton

Proposed Development of 28 Dwellings and 5 Self-Build Plots

Public Consultation: Have Your Say


We are keen to hear your views on the revised development proposals by Lawson Farms for the construction of 28 dwellings, plus 5 self-build housing plots, on land at The Ashes Farm, Barton (see satellite image above).  The number of dwellings and developable site area have been significantly reduced from the previous application.

The development proposals would see the removal of all existing buildings and tall structures from the site together with cessation of the existing agricultural activities and HGV Operating Centre.  The indicative site layout overleaf shows how the development could be laid out and details the changes made to the scheme since the previous planning application.  The revised development proposals represent the final stage in the relocation of the farm to a new farmstead at Stonecrest to the south of the village, a process that was started some years ago.

As an alternative to housing, contingent plans are in place to grow the farm enterprise at The Ashes Farm in terms of livestock numbers and buildings in order to ensure the ongoing viability of the farm business.  Nonetheless, Lawson Farms preferred outcome is relocation of the farm to Stonecrest and remain committed to delivering an attractive housing scheme that would bring about significant environmental improvements for the village.



Relevant Matters

We welcome your comments concerning the principle of development, design matters (such as access, scale, landscaping and layout) and/or any other technical matters you would like to bring to our attention.

Key Facts

  • Reduction to 28 dwellings (volume housing scheme)
  • Provision of 5 self-build plots (additional)
  • Smaller development area concentrated on existing buildings and brownfield land (haulage yard)
  • Removal of car park
  • Broader range of house types including bungalows an specialist homes for older people

Main Benefits

  • Form & Character – the site is well related to the village and would represent a natural ‘rounding off’ to the north edge of Barton.
  • Sustainability – the site well to existing services at the centre of the village, including public transport links.
  • Safe Green Routes – the site would provide a safe route for pedestrians and cyclists travelling from the centre of the village to Church Lane, including an extended footpath along Church Lane itself.
  • Public Right of Way – the existing public right of way would be retained, landscaped and safeguarded.
  • Brownfield Land – redevelopment of a partly brownfield site.
  • Removal of Livestock Enterprise
  • Removal of HGV Operating Centre
  • Visual Amenity – removal of the existing elevated buildings and the unsightly and highly visible silo towers, replacement with a landscape-led, high quality residential development.
  • Public Open Space – the proposals provide significant and meaningful open space.
  • School Places – additional pupils attending the local primary school which is under subscribed.
  • Community Benefit – support for existing businesses and local community groups.
  • Affordable Housing – 30% affordable housing.

When should I provide my comments?

Please provide your comments on the draft proposals by  Friday 8 July 2019.   This will allow sufficient time for us to consider your comments before finalising the planning application.

What Happens Next?

All representations received will be carefully considered.  A ‘Consultation Statement will be submitted with the planning application which provides details of all comments received and explains any design changes made in response to public consultation.  Following the receipt of a planning application, Richmondshire District Council will carry out its own consultation exercise.

Data Protection

By responding to this consultation you agree that we can use your comments in the preparation and submission of an outline planning application.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept confidential comments but we will not disclose your contact details or address to a third-party or store this information on a database.

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